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Jebbin Monroe

'The logical one with a bunch of hats'

Birthday: 6/15

Guinea Pig (?) status: ???

Experiments: ???

Jebbin is incredibly smart, knows it, and plans to flaunt it while also avoiding every form of human contact there is. He seems to have a logical explanation for everything and when living in Altra, it's a needed mindset. Jebbin appears to be a strong believer of the Altarian scientists practices. His pass times are studying and playing indie horror games.


Harper Dorson

'The hyper one with mauve hair'

Birthday: 11/20

Guinea Pig (?) status: ???

Experiments: ???

Unlike Jebbin, Harper chooses to take the 'I don't really care' approach to school. Out of class however, he's very much so an adrenaline junkie,constantly trying to find some sort of adventure to go on. Some would say Harper lacks tact, isn't very responsible and has a moral code that's way out of whack, and those 'some' aren't too far off.


Sora 'Adina' Min

'The weird one with a million band T's'

Birthday: 2/8

Guinea Pig status: ???

Experiments: ???

Adina genuinely enjoys school and is very well on her way there to being friends with everyone in it. Very little can deter her optimistic outlook on life, which some would say is childish. Adina enjoys all type of music, but mostly rock and its subgenres.



Ali/Allan Saxena

Birthday: 4/17


Ali/Allan is one of Adina's close friends and works with her at The End Cafe. Allan has a very large appetite and very little regard for anyone else when hungry. Other than that, Ali keeps a cool and calm demeanor, and has an affinity towards the Pastel Goth style.


Jenine Tavana

Birthday: 7/19


Jenine is the manager/cook at The End Cafe. She's confident and sometimes downright cocky about her cooking skills. She loves Adina as a sister and is fiercely protective of her. Jenine's right arm is prosthetic, she can attach many cooking utensils to it.



Eugene Montaya-Lars

Birthday: 5/7

Scientist, Copper Division

Lars is a rather strange man, and his speech impediment doesn't help to dispel that fact. He's also quite fussy and very much a whiner when things don't go the way he wants it to. He has an intense hatred for Harper and to a lesser extent, a majority of his students. Lars' different coloured and sized eyes are a result of radiation poisoning.


Adamo Rame

Birthday: 8/27

Scientist, Creator of the Copper Division

Not much is known about Adamo Rame except for the fact that he's Italian and the creator of the Copper Science Division. He believes science is what makes the world go round.

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